Why I’m pressing the reset button

You may or may not have noticed but I’ve been a little (OK, a lot) absent from my blog and social media lately. In the last six months my freelance work has really taken off and I’ve simply been unable to keep up with Social Butterflies. I started the website to create an online platform to inspire women in their professional lives and hosted two events to create a real life experience offline. It was (and still is) my passion project – so much so that it inspired me to take the plunge and become self-employed. But one thing I hadn’t fully appreciated before was the amount of work, energy and commitment needed to maintain a consistent online presence and build an online community (hats off to all the full-time bloggers and influencers!). I realise this a tad ironic given that I advise clients on digital marketing, but actually immersing yourself in it on a personal level gives you a whole different perspective!

Also, I have a personal confession to make: I became a bit fatigued with the whole Insta-Influencer-World. Now, I’m not knocking the positive side of community and campaigning – two of my favourite accounts champion this ethos (@doingitforthekids and @motherpukka). But here’s the thing – you can have too much of the same thing, and let’s be honest as Instagram has become bigger and bigger over the last couple of years so has the proliferation of trendy ‘themed accounts’ aimed at women. If I see one more post stating ‘Community over Competition’ or ‘Empowered Women Empower Women’ I may choke on my bagel. I never desired to be in the ‘in crowd’ so I suppose I took a step back and watched from a far.

So, true to its original purpose but inline with my newly established freelance business I’m going to review and redesign the Social Butterflies website and work out how I can merge all the great content I’ve created collaboratively with other women alongside my own business. I hope it will be a creative hub of inspiration that showcases female talent, shares useful information and helps to grow my business profile. Hopefully you’ll stick around to see the rebrand and redesign!



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