About Social Butterflies

Social Butterflies is a new lifestyle magazine and a community that celebrates entrepreneurial, digital-savvy women (who happen to be mothers). That last bit is pretty important and encapsulates our ethos: motherhood and the challenges it brings are an integral part of our identities, but they don’t define us.

This is a platform to promote, inspire and connect working mothers. Hopefully the articles will be an antidote to content solely focussed on what it is to be a mother and will touch on a range of different lifestyle and work related topics.

I’d love to hear from anyone who is interested in the Social Butterflies: click here for more information.


Amy White, Editor

“I live in Bristol with my husband and two children. We use to live in the badlands of Dalston, east London. I say badlands, but since we moved it’s become achingly trendy, (clearly our legacy lives on: insert ironic emoji here). I’ve worked in publishing and marketing for over 16 years, yes, before you do the maths, I’m well into my thirties. I started this magazine after suffering a crisis of confidence which apparently has lasted nearly seven years, but who’s counting. I took voluntary redundancy from my job at the Guardian, moved cities three weeks before giving birth and had to make new friends and connections all over again, before having another child in quick succession. Two house moves, one close bereavement later and with both my kids at school I work as a freelance digital marketer and editor alongside running the magazine.”