Social Butterflies is an online hub of careers and business related inspiration and information for women. A growing community where women can celebrate their professional successes and share their knowledge.

I’m Amy White and I started Social Butterflies in January 2017 because as a mother wanting to get back into work I didn’t feel there was a community that spoke to me. I didn’t identify with the whole ‘brand-mum’ phenomenon, but equally I felt locked out of the career world too. I wanted to create a a platform for women who want to fulfil their career aspirations whilst juggling family life. I write about my own career journey (the highs and lows) and share my digital knowledge.

I live in Bristol with my husband and two children. We used to live in the badlands of Dalston, east London. I say badlands, but since we moved it’s become achingly trendy, (clearly our legacy lives on). I’ve worked in publishing and marketing for over 16 years. I started this blog after suffering a crisis of confidence (which has apparently lasted nearly seven years) but who’s counting? I took voluntary redundancy from my job at the Guardian, moved cities three weeks before giving birth and had to make new friends and connections all over again, before having another child in quick succession. Two house moves, one close bereavement later, and with both my children at school, I now work as a freelance digital content specialist alongside running Social Butterflies.