Social Butterflies meet-up with CheltenhamMaman: 20th November 2017

Join us for the second Social Butterflies meet-up with guest speaker Kate Starkey, founder of CheltenhamMaman, the online platform and events business for parents. Kate’s business is going from strength to strength and she has won two awards recognising her achievements: UK Blog Award winner in the 2017 Parenting category and Digital Woman of the Year at the Gloucestershire Women of the Year Awards 2017. Who better to discuss business, the power of social media and represent the South-West?

You’ve heard of ‘Professional Networking’ – think of this more as ‘Prosecco Notworking’

The event is hosted by me, Amy White, founder of Social Butterflies, a website and online community committed to celebrating and connecting women seeking professional inspiration and wanting to expand their career horizons. Like lots of things these days it all began with a blog, the blog spurned a wonderfully supportive online community and so it felt like a natural progression to create events so people could meet in real life (preferably over a glass of something).

My experience is a very common one – I took a career break to have children and when I returned to the workplace I’d completely lost my professional identity, and with it most of my confidence. These events are designed for women who don’t necessarily identify with the corporate world and treading a traditional career path. We are happy to challenge the conventional 9-5 culture in order to fulfil our career ambitions and hopefully achieve a better work/life balance. This is a totally informal evening for women (not just mums) looking to expand their networks beyond the realms of social media and chat about their careers, business aspirations and discuss how the digital world can transform their professional lives.

I figured you might have a few questions about the event, so I’ve outlined some key points below…


The event will be held at The Square Club in central Bristol, on Berkeley Square, just off Park Street.

What can I expect from the evening?

– Glass of Prosecco (obviously) and a goody bag

– Talk with our speaker Kate: sharing her experience setting up and running a successful online and events business.

– Q&A with guests: Kate & Amy will answer your questions.

– Speed networking (or as I like to call it) ‘notworking’: 15 minutes divided into 5 minute intervals where we will actively encourage you to make three new connections (I promise it will be fun).

What will you get out of it?

– Make connections: meet women at all different stages of their professional journeys.

– Feel inspired: hear from our guest speaker Kate, Amy and other guests.

– Gain knowledge: opportunity to ask questions and get advice.

Who is the event for?

– Women who want to expand their professional networks in a relaxed, social and non-judgemental setting.

– Those with a keen interest in developing or acquiring digital knowledge that will help them in their professional lives.

– These events are not aimed at ‘mums’ but are for all women, all ages, all backgrounds and at all stages of their professional journeys.

– You might be running your own business, a freelancer, working in an organisation, on a career break, on maternity leave, wanting to retrain, or simply just curious about the possibilities that expanding your digital knowledge could bring.

Ticket info

Tickets are non-refundable and non-transferable between events, however you can transfer the ticket to someone else just email:

Email updates

I’ll be keeping you posted on information about the event via email.