Supercharge your wellbeing

Meet the founders of Supercharged Club: Emma Fullwood post-partum fitness expert and life coach Mary Meadows. The dynamic duo bring together a unique blend of physical and mental exercises to help women focus on their wellbeing after childbirth. We all know that coming to terms with changes in our bodies during pregnancy and labour can be very difficult. Then there are the hormonal changes which can trigger all sorts of emotional responses – put simply your mind and body goes through the wringer! Well, with that in mind, Emma and Mary have created a hub of support and practical help to guide you through this tricky time and leave you feeling in control, healthier and happier. You can sign-up to the next 6-week online mission here:

How are you embracing digital media in your business?

Technology and social media is the crucial element to our business, we are able to bring our 6-week missions to any women anywhere in the world because of it! We have clients from Los Angeles, Dubai, France, Canada, South Africa and all over the UK. We are able to bring women our expertise and support them on their adventures through our laptops and iPhones which is just incredible.

What are your top motivational tips for mind and body?

  • Eat more broccoli
  • Drink more water
  • Make sure you take a big deep breath at least once a day!

Keep it super simple, don’t try and make things harder for yourself, life is hard without ourselves making it more so.

Mary and Emma are following…


Burrell Education: Jenny Burrell is a post-natal exercise specialist, there is nothing she doesn’t know about exercise for women of all age groups.


Brianna Battles: an expert fitness coach for athletes, inspires Emma as she loves her straight-talking, take a look at her blogs so inspiring!


For Mary, inspiration comes from anyone who breaks the rules, owns their words and actions, and inspires others. A great woman she had the pleasure of meeting a few weeks ago is Niki Groom, AKA @miss-magpie-spy, a talented fashion and beauty illustrator who’s Instagram feed, and blog is beautifully curated and inspirational.


The lovely Katie from Hurrah for Gin always manages to post what all of us mums are thinking!

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Find your inner goddess

Meet Lizzie Astin, the creator and founder of The Goddess Body Formula, a 12 week transformation programme for busy women.

Tell us about yourself

I started my career in recruitment, working long hours, sitting on my bum, drinking too much and eating badly. Seven years into my career, aged 29 I was dissatisfied and frustrated I decided to chuck it all in and re-qualify as a Personal Trainer. I started my business in 2015 at a mainstream gym and very quickly developed a reputation for getting the best from clients with fun sessions and an inspiring attitude.

lizzie aston

By 2016 I had carved a niche as a Transformation Coach, working only with women who really wanted to overhaul their physical health. I started to develop the foundations that would later become the ‘Goddess Body Formula Programme’. In 2017 I moved to a private studio in Bristol, I launched the online version of the The Goddess Body Formula and rapidly built a new client base of women who were all going through major transitions: divorce, babies, marriage or milestone birthdays.

What motivated you to start your business?

I started my business in 2014 for two reasons: I wanted to do something that mattered and truly made a difference and I wanted to do something that allowed me the opportunity to choose to live life on my terms.

Having lost 15% body fat and three stone I went through a serious transformation. But it wasn’t just my body that changed, everything changed. I actually cared about myself for the first time in a long time and I started to make empowering decisions. I gained weight because I didn’t care enough not to, I ate crap, drank too much and didn’t exercise. At first it was my changing physically appearance that provoked me into changing my habits, but that wasn’t enough, I couldn’t stick to anything and I didn’t know how to undo all the damage. In 2012 my mum was diagnosed with cancer and suddenly I did know what to do. I made it my mission to live as the best version of myself, starting with my body. I became fascinated with mindset and personal development and started to apply these principles to physical training – the results were incredible.

When I was angry, I worked out, when I was sad, I worked out, when I was happy, I worked out. I had an outlet – an empowering habit and I was addicted. My new-found passion allowed me to be a better person for her. Not being comfortable in my own skin had consumed me, made me selfish, snappy, fragile and self-absorbed, now I felt vibrant, energetic, strong, I had faith and belief.

In 2013, I quit my job and qualified as a Level 3 Personal Trainer. I didn’t really have a clue about running a business but I figured if I brought the same enthusiasm to my clients that I had for my own training and I gave them the benefit of my experience then things would change for them too, and they did.

lizzie astin

I spent two years working in a gym, business was flying but I was exhausted, delivering 30 hours of one-to-one training, fitting in my own workouts and all the planning outside of the gym was too much, the level of service was in danger of being compromised. I knew for me to carry on serving at that level the business model had to change. I moved to a private studio and the Goddess Body Formula online was born. The programme gives all the practical advice, mindset, nutrition, workouts and support I give, but it is delivered remotely and can be done from the comfort of your own home. I still work with clients one-to-one, but space is limited.

I built the majority of the online content for my programme whilst down in Cornwall caring for my mum full-time during the final four months of my mum’s life. The cancer got her, she never gave up and I won’t either. I came back to Bristol in April 2017 and moved into the new studio, taking on just a few clients and giving myself time to heal too. I work with up to 10 clients face to face at a time and take on 2-4 new clients each month. In addition to formally launching the Goddess Body Formula online I will also be launching my podcast which will be a combination of tools, tips, insights, stories and interviews to support and guide your journey to a happy and healthy body for life.

How are you embracing social media to grow your business?

Instagram is hugely popular in the fitness industry and it is very possible to develop a huge following using this platform alone. However, I have my misgivings about it! I do not deny that aesthetics are a big motivator for many and can be empowering, however, to focus solely on that misses the point and can create feelings of low self-worth. I am all for a bit of body ‘inspo’, but I want to make it inspiring for the right reasons, there are too many fitness models with low body fat, fake boobs and fake lips. I use Instagram to share the journey, to encourage my followers to fall in love with the process and show case the results I have helped my clients achieve.

Facebook is a great tool and they are always developing the platform for business owners. I have a private Facebook group called the Goddess Body Community which is a safe place for me to share my own journey and the journey my clients are on. In this group I offer practical advice as well as theories and stories that inspire and motivate my members. I use my business page to advertise, my focus has always been on offering value, mainly through blogging. I share practical information demonstrating how to simplify eating for weight loss, and I share my own personal experiences to allow my audience to engage with me on a more personal level, it’s important to understand the journey that helps you to achieve the result.

Lizzie is following…

mollie sapp

Molly Sapp: she has really helped me from to understand the ways I have previously limited myself, how to overcome money mindset issues and in no uncertain terms cut through the BS. They didn’t teach us how to run a business in school, there are load of coaches out there but Molly’s messaging speaks very clearly to me and where I am at right now!

emily skye

Emily Skye: she has an amazing body and she has a great training style that I know works, but more importantly she teaches great mindset principles, she is authentic about the challenges she has faced and honest about the reality of the effect of pregnancy on her body, it’s refreshing to see!

Lizzie’s work

The power of positivity

One day you are walking your dogs, running your own business and worrying about whether your kids eat enough veg, the next you are in hospital being told you have breast cancer at 34-years-old. My breast cancer diagnosis shook my world and took over my life for the best part of 2017. I was one of the lucky ones in that my lump was very small, just 12mm. My lumpectomy was successful and I was only in hospital for one night. I then had four rounds of chemotherapy and 19 zaps of radiotherapy. I am now on hormone therapy to bring on early menopause and stop the estrogen in my body which fed my tumour. Having cancer was the hardest challenge my little family ever faced but we got through it and in many ways we came out the other side stronger and happier.

One of my fears when I found out I had the big C was that I would end up depressed, I knew my treatment was going to give my body a battering and that my life was going to be very different. I worried that this would get too much for me mentally as well as physically. I didn’t know anyone who had been through cancer recently so I looked for ways to connect with other people like myself as I hoped this would make me feel less alone. This is when Cancer with A Smile began, I literally forced myself to look for things to smile about while I had cancer. Instagram had been my favourite social media tool for my business and I liked that it felt more anonymous than Facebook so I set up a page just after my operation which I used as little of diary of my treatment and to connect with the cancer community.

To begin with I felt very self-conscious and vulnerable about my cancer so I kept the Instagram page a secret. Then came one of my first big hurdles of treatment, the dreaded hair loss. Being a girl who gets comfort from understanding and researching I knew that the type of chemo I was getting would make my hair fall out within the first few weeks. The thought of my shoulder length blonde hair shedding like a Labrador was hanging over me like a dark cloud. It was on my mind constantly and I began to hate looking at or touching my hair. The only thing for it was to take control and try to turn a negative in to a positive so I decided to ‘brave the shave’ and raise money for my hospital, The Beatson Cancer Centre. I set up a Just Giving page and took the bold step of posting a link on my personal Facebook page. It was the best thing I did, instead of crying over my ever decreasing mop, my husband and I shaved our heads in my living room, while I wore my yellow Beatson t-shirt and a smile. What a liberating feeling it was to take cancer head on and raise over £3,000 for an amazing cause.

Embracing the ‘baldy’ was a huge turning point for my attitude and approach to coping with cancer, it gave me an unexpected confidence. I felt like if I could shave my hair and walk about with it for all to see, I could do just about anything. From there I got the guts to go public with my Cancer With A Smile Instagram account, I created a linked Facebook page and later started a WordPress blog. The encouragement, support and amazing comments have really kept me going throughout the roller coaster of cancer therapies. I have had so many messages from people telling me how my blog has helped them see that cancer doesn’t have to take away who you are and given them the courage to fight on. Hearing this makes all the days spent exhausted and ill have some purpose and meaning because if my story has given someone else hope at least some good has come from such a horrible disease.

The importance of investing in your wellbeing is a big lesson fighting cancer has shown me. Before cancer I was so busy all the time trying to be a super mum, super wife and super business owner. All the amazing little wonders of life were passing me by as my brain was either going at 100mph or was too exhausted to focus on anything. During chemotherapy I was forced to stop and stripped back down to just being me. It was a bit like taking a step back and looking in at your own life as a spectator. I realised slowing down and prioritising what needs done today and what can wait put me in a much better place mentally and emotionally.

It’s now six months since my last chemo and my life is very different. I am getting much stronger and feeling much healthier. When you are forced to face your mortality it makes you look at how you can live the best life possible. My husband and I decided it was time to make big decisions about where we want our life to go and how we can be as happy as possible. We have decided to take a huge leap and start our own property development company. We are only a month in but already our work life balance is better, we are all happier and once again something positive has come out of being dealt the cancer card.

Written by Audrey Allan